2017 Newsletter | Welcome to the Carolina Waterman, Inc.

Who We Are & What We Are Doing

Where We Began

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The Carolina Paddle Company, LLC. operated from 2012-2016 as a watersports instruction business, and specialized in providing quality first time experiences for our guests...READ MORE

What We've Become

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On January 12, 2017 the Carolina Waterman, Inc. formed as a non profit organization with the signatures of Trent Ventura and Meghan Douty.

These two passionate individuals have devoted their full time efforts towards improving the community's knowledge of their local waters, their right to access our public waters, and the variety of ways to safely enjoy those public waters...READ MORE

Jr. Waterman Program Spotlight

Water Safety

Public Waters | Regulations | Safe Practice | First Aid/CPR

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All of the activities we practice are conducted on the public waters, whether it's paddling the Waccamaw or surfing at Nash St., our Jr. Waterman are trained to have the mindset of a first responder and to act accordingly.  There are laws in place that aim to protect...READ MORE

Water Recreation

Surfing | Paddling | Swimming | Sailing | Boating

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Providing access, supervision and training in an effort to better educate our local youth about our local waters. Our Carolina Waterman Instructors lead small group experiences that encourage our youth to challenge themselves by logging time in and on our local public waters...READ MORE

Water Stewardship

Water Quality | Pollution | Water Access | Wildlife

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Water is life. Without water Myrtle Beach has nothing to offer. The Waccamaw River provides drinking water to most of our community. The Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge is a 27,000 acre federally protected swampland surrounded by thousands of acres of land...READ MORE

Let's Get Technical

Operational Update

The Carolina Waterman, Inc. was formed out of the closure of the Carolina Paddle Company, LLC. The assets of the Carolina Paddle Company personally belong to Trent and Meghan. The Carolina Waterman, Inc. borrows the equipment below to conduct it's operations.

7 SurfTech Paddleboards + Paddles

9 Inflatable Life Jackets

7 WaveStorm Surfboards

Accessories (leashes, fins, etc.)

This equipment is used throughout all of our operations. Without this equipment we wouldn't have the resources necessary to operate.

Carolina Waterman, Inc. Proposed Budget 2017

2017 Statement of Financial Income and Expense

Carolina Waterman, Inc. Proposed Budget 2018


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